Which Size Advisor button design will maximize your click-through rate (CTR) and why is CTR important?

Here are a few essential guidelines and best practices from some of our clients who have shown an exceptional CTR of their Size Advisor Button. The CTR is the rate in which the Size Advisor button is clicked and opened.

What is a good CTR and why is it important? 

Our benchmark for the average click-through rate (CTR) should be around 6%. You can think of the CTR as an indicator of how many shoppers are engaging with your Size Advisor. The higher the CTR the greater the number of shoppers we are interacting with and this means more people that are ready to buy and need size help are getting the assistance they need to convert. The higher the CTR, the greater the value and uplift we will generate for you! 

Below are some best practices on wording, design and button placement to achieve a strong CTR. 

Wording: typically click-through rates are higher when you...

  • use an action verb that prompts users to do something: A call-to-action word or verb like 'Start', 'Find', 'Get' works better than a neutral description of the service like 'Size Advisor/Size Help'. Some examples of this could be: Find your perfect size here. or Find your (name of your brand) size!
  • use a specific question in combination with your call to action like 'What size fits me?' next to the button. A question directed to the shopper will more likely engage them when they look for size help. We suggest a question above or next to the button like 'Need help with the sizes?'.
  • use wording that gives confidence to the buyer and leads them to finalize their purchase. Phrases like 'Find my size' / 'Confirm my right size' / 'Validate my size' / 'Verify my size' help the shopper find the service when they most need it.

Design and placement: our experience shows these best practices

  • Border: The CTR is higher when the button has a border, implying that it is clickable.
  • Icon: When the button includes the ShoeSize.Me icon the CTR is higher.
  • Color and size: Use a similar (or the same) color and button size for your size advice button as for your Add-to-Cart button. The more your button looks like the Add-to-Cart button, the higher the CTR
  • Placement: Put the button close to the size selection or close to your Add-to-Cart button. Shoppers who are unsure about sizing search for size help information between those two areas.
  • One sizing source: remove all other size information from the product page to ensure an improved shopper experience. If you have two or more size sources to check, your shoppers will be confused by too many options and will likely drop out if uncertain about the size. *If you wish to keep certain size information (like size charts), we strongly recommend to move them to your Help/FAQ pages instead of a link on your product page.


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