Can I set ShoeSize.Me cookies as required or necessary cookies for my site?

ShoeAI guides shoppers in selecting, purchasing, and keeping the correct desired product.

Service: ShoeAI (from ShoeSize.Me) is a service that guides online shoppers to shoes that they want to purchase, that are currently in stock in the correct size for them and ensures that the correct product and size is added to the shopping cart for purchase. 

Baseline: Your online store sells shoes and different brands and models (even models within the same brand) come in different sizes that will fit each shopper differently and uniquely. A functionality that guides shoppers to matching and available shoes and allows the shopper to add the matching shoe sizes to the shopping cart; is fundamental for the sale of shoes and online shoe sellers. 

It is recommended that the 2 Required ShoeSize.Me Cookies (ssm_cookies) be classified under required cookies: 

  1. ssm_auth_token<nnn>: Used to recognize users during a session to provide guidance throughout the shopper journey and unique size recommendations across all shoes to that user.

    This cookie creates a session and is required for the service to function. Without it, the service will not work at all and the initial information input into the form by a user will be lost at every page change. 

    E.g. A user who activates the service on the product listing page is also activating the service on every product detail page they can potentially navigate to and purchase a shoe on. Without this cookie, the information input on the product listing page will be lost when the shopper navigates to a different page; resetting the service.

  2. ssm_sid: Used to report back to ShoeSize.Me purchases placed during a user session. 

    This cookie enables machine learning to improve guidance and recommendations for other shoppers and returning shoppers. It is necessary to track whether the shoe in the recommended size was placed in the shopping cart and purchased, in order to learn from that session and benefit all shoppers of the store and the overall business.