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Do you require a cookie policy for ShoeSize.Me on your website?

The template below can be copy/pasted and added to your own web shop's cookie policy on your website. The template outlines how cookies are used and managed by ShoeSize.Me and the ShoeAI technology.

If you require the template in German: Click Here 

Section [XX] ShoeSize.Me

We use a plugin from ShoeSize.Me AG (“ShoeSize.Me”) that provides users with size recommendations for shoes (the “Size Advisor”). When you use the Size Advisor plugin on a page of our website, your browser establishes a direct connection with the servers of ShoeSize.Me and the information that you provide will be transmitted to ShoeSize.Me’s servers, even if you do not have a ShoeSize.Me profile or are not currently logged into ShoeSize.Me. ShoeSize.Me will also receive technical information about your interactions with the plugin (including your IP address), as further detailed in ShoeSize.Me’s privacy notice. If you are logged in to ShoeSize.Me, ShoeSize.Me can connect your visit to our website with your ShoeSize.Me profile. For more information about the purpose and scope of ShoeSize.Me’s personal data processing activities, please see its privacy notice available here https://www.shoesizeme.com/policy/


In addition to the above, we share with ShoeSize.Me pseudonymized information about the products that are purchased and returned on our website, in order to make the Size Advisor always more accurate. We do not share information that can be used to directly identify you (such as your name or clear email address). You may object to this processing activity at any time by contacting us.