How do I share my data safely? (sFTP Set-up)

Data is the key for ShoeSize.Me. This article will explain how to share your data via our sFTP and keep your data up to date in our system

For the Product Feed it is important that we have access to an updated feed that will contain new products as soon as they go on sale. This ensures our Size Advisor will appear on all shoe product pages. This feed is either to be sent through a URL link or as a CSV or XML file to your sFTP.

Purchase & Return data should be sent and received by ShoeSize.Me on a daily or weekly routine. The more often the routine of exchange, the better we can ensure there is strong updated data behind new products, leading to more accurate recommendations.

Your the key credential information you will need to enter to login to your sFTP is below:

  • Username: yourshop (shared privately)
  • Password: yourpassword (shared privately)
  • Host:
  • Protocol: sFTP
  • Port: 22


Some FTPclient recommendations:


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