Is there a way I can track events as the ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor is used?

Yes, we have implemented a Custom Event that fires on several instances so you can track when the Size Advisor is opened, loaded, and when it gives recommendations. These events can be used for A/B testing and for other internal tracking.

The event is called ShoeSizeEvent. With this event, you are able to "listen" for it on the "document" element on your product pages. All data of the event is saved inside event.detail.


document.addEventListener("ShoeSizeEvent", (e) => console.log(e), false);


The different messages we provide for the ShoeSizeEvent are:

  • Plugin opened:
    "{ detail: { event: plugin_opened, shoe_id: shoeID}}"
  • Plugin reopened:
    "{ detail: { event: plugin_reopened, shoe_id: shoeID}}"
  • Plugin loaded
    "{ detail: { event: plugin_loaded}}"
  • Plugin not loaded
    "{ detail: { event: plugin_not_loaded, description: reason}}
  • Recommendation provided
    "{ detail: { event: recommendation, shoe_id: shoeID}}


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