How do you install your Size Advisor Shopify App on a new theme?

Moving or installing your Size Advisor Shopify app is done in a few easy steps. Please follow these steps to avoid any issues. Cloning the theme will not re-install the app on to the new theme.

Open the ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor App
  1. Click on the Script tab at the top next to Data
  2. Click the button Install on a new theme
  3. Select the theme you want to install on to from menu (if the theme is not visible, click on Sync themes)
  4. Click Install - That's it!


IMPORTANT: By default the Size Advisor app will try to add the button code just after the Add-to Cart form, looking into liquid files where this button form is usually placed. If you shop is highly customized, the app may not be able to find the form. In this case you'll see a feedback message asking to add the code manually on your theme. If the button has been installed but you desire to place it somewhere else in the product page, you will need to move it manually. For both cases, this step will have to be done every time the app is installed on a new theme. If you need assistance, you can reach our to your ShoeSize.Me Support team at



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