Installing the Size Advisor Shopify App

With the ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor App for Shopify you can now install the ShoeSize.Me Size Advisor in just a few clicks.

You will receive from the ShoeSize.Me Customer Success team your Shop ID and a link to the Shopify App. This will be shared via kickoff email or on request. Owner access is required to permit the installation of the app.

What we recommend for this step of Installing the Size Advisor Shopify App is to book a call with our Customer Success team who will walk you through the process. It takes about 15 minutes! You can use this link here to book a call.


If you would like to install the app yourself, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged in to Shopify. Open an separate browser window and enter the URL link to the Shopify App provided by the ShoeSize.Me Customer Success team. When you open the link, you will be taken to your Shopify Admin Area.



Step 2

Click on "Install unlisted app" and you will be taken to the following screen. You will then need to fill out the following fields:



Shop ID: This ID is provided to you by ShoeSize.Me. (If you do not have your Shop ID, contact ShoeSize.Me via chat, email or phone).

Product Type: Select all product categories that have shoes.

Size Option: This depends on whether you use size as the first or second or third option on your product page. Depending on the position of the size, select position 1, 2 or 3 and enter that as the size option. E.g. if you have first color and then size option, select position 2. If you first have size and then color, select 1. The image below shows an example in which the size is in the second (2) position.


Size Scale: Select the the main size scale that you use in your shopify shop and the one displayed first or most prominently to your shoppers. E.g. US, UK, EU etc.

Language: Select the main language your Shopify shop uses. (If you do not see your language, contact ShoeSize.Me via chat, email or phone).

When you ave finished entering all these fields. Click "Save" at the top right corner. Great, now the data exchange is up and running!


Step 3

After clicking "Save", click on the tab "Installation" and you will see the following screen below.



Step 4

We recommend at this stage, creating a theme in your Shopify Platform in which you will intall the Shopfy App on to. Once you have created this theme, you will need to select (copy) your theme ID. To do this, go to To find the ID for that theme, go to the Theme Page, open the theme and copy the number at the end of the url.

e.g. ---> Theme Number 123467

Enter the Theme number into the Theme Field and click "Start Installation".

IMPORTANT: After this, your Size Advisor app will be installed. Please note that the Size Advisor will likely not be visisble yet. The ShoeSize.Me team will need time to import your product data into their system. Once done, and the ShoeSize.Me team has processed the data for your footwear models, the Size Advisor will appear on them. You will be notified when this is done.


Step 5

The last step is to Copy/Paste a final script to the checkout page of your shop. This script is necessary for our Size Advisor App to connect with out algorithm so that it learns with every usage of the Size Advisor by your shoppers. To do this, you need to copy the code in the box from the previous Installation Page where it says "copy this code". Copy the complete line of code and then go to the checkout page and paste this script into the section "Additional Scripts". Additional Scripts can be found in the Order Processing section of the Checkout page.

Once done, click "Save".


Step 6

That's it, you're done! Once you have clicked save and completed the installation of the Size Advisor Shopify App, let the ShoeSize.Me Customer Success team know and they will verify everything was done correctly. Next steps will be provided after that.



IMPORTANT: The Size Advisor will only appear after your data has been imported by ShoeSize.Me, which can take up to 3 working days. To speed up the process inform us immediately when you have installed the app and we can import your data.

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