Pre-Publishing Testing

Once you have completed the integration of the JavaScripts, data exchanges are established and the styling and design of the Size Advisor is customized - it is time to run our final checks before activating the service.

Time to let the ShoeSize.Me team verify everything is set up correctly. To do this, we require from you the following two things:

  1. Purchase Test Method: A way in which we can place an order on your webshop staging site or live site (wherever we have been integrated) without actually making an order. This is done to verify the successful set up of the Purchase Scripts - Cart and Confirmation. Purchase Methods could include:
  • A test credit card
  • A 100% discount code
  • A special checkout method or payment method


2. Staging/Testing Environment Access: Our Customer Success Team will require permission to enter and inspect the integration of the JavaScripts and functionality of the Size Advisor in your staging area or wherever the integration has initially been done. Once ShoeSize.Me has given the green-light - we can activate the service!

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