Comparing A/B Test Results to your Performance Platform

Here is a brief article on how to compare the KPIs you see on your Performance Platform with your A/B test results.

The Performance Platform is designed to deliver a clear overview on Size Advisor KPIs and the additional net revenue you are making via your ShoeSize.Me technology. 

If you wish to explore and evaluate effects on certain KPIs in even greater depth; an A/B test is the most the most definitive method.

The image below illustrates how the two groups of an A/B test are to be compared and in addition, how the KPIs within the Performance Platform are compared. 


AB Test 3


If an A/B test is setup, the Incremental Net Revenue (INR) report compares the following behavior of people on the B side (only)
Size Advisor Users: Visits (sessions) that had at least one size recommendation to
Normal Visitors: Visits with Size Advisor visible but no recommendation provided.

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