ShoeAI Dashboard

How to review your data on your users, your net conversion increase and your net revenue increase on the ShoeAI dashboard

How to access the dashboard?

Go to and login with the credentials provided to you by the ShoeAI team. You will have one set of credentials (email + password) to access the dashboard, which you can share with your colleagues in your company. There is one set of credentials per account not per user.

If you cannot find or have not requested your credentials write us at an email at 

What data is uploaded to the dashboard?

Your purchase and return data that you have provided are automatically uploaded to the dashboard.

Why can I only see data until 14 days before today's date?

In order to display coherent net values (net = after deducting all returns) all purchases and return data (especially the return data) needs to have been accounted for. To ensure that most returns have been accounted for, you are only able to set the date filter to a maximum of 14 days before today.

How often should the dashboard results be reviewed?

We recommend quarterly. If you just launched ShoeAI recently, we recommend to review the user data for the first month after 60 days and the net revenue results after 120 days after your go-live. Given that it is machine learning that is built to impact net results, these are the minimum timeframes to review first results. 

What are the key metrics to look for?

1. ShoeAI Users

2. Net Conversion of ShoeAI Users 

3. Net Conversion Rate Increase of ShoeAI User

4. Extra Net Revenue Earned

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1. ShoeAI Users

Amount of people who use the ShoeAI service, i.e. users who have ShoeAI activated while shopping in your shop. (Users are measured session-based).

2. ShoeAI Net Conversion Rate

Conversion rate from a ShoeAI User to a Net Order (Net Orders = Orders Kept, i.e. after deduction of returns). Or in other words, all kept footwear orders divided by all people who used ShoeAI. (Example: A net conversion of 7% means that 7 out of 100 ShoeAI users placed and kept a shoe order on your site.)

3. Increase in Net Conversion Rate per ShoeAI User

Net Conversion Rate means your Conversion Rate after returns. The ShoeAI Net Conversion Increase is the comparison of the Net Conversion Rate of ShoeAI Users divided by the Net Conversion Rate of Non-Users. 

4. Your Extra Net Revenue Earned

The net revenue you earned thanks to a higher net conversion rate of the ShoeAI users. The more ShoeAI users and the bigger your ShoeAI Net Conversion Increase is, the larger your Extra Net Revenue Earned. Your Extra Net Revenue Earned = ‘Number of ShoeAI users’ x (‘ShoeAI Net Conversion Rate’ x ‘Net Average Order Value of ShoeAI Users – ‘Non-User Net Conversion Rate (Footwear)’ x ‘Net Average Order Value of Non-Users’)