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Product Data

Your Product Feed contains all models and product pages you want to have our Size Advisor service implemented on to.

What is your Product Feed and how can you share it?

Your Product Feed is a data feed containing all of your products/shoes models sold that will need the Size Advisor. Below are the three preferred formats of how you can share it with us:

  • As a file (csv, xlsx, json or xml)
  • As a URL link
  • Google Shopping Feed

If you are sharing your Product Feed via a URL link, all you need to do is share this link with us and ensure the ShoeSize.Me team is authorized to access it.

All files are to be sent to a secured sFTP. More information on how to share your Product Feed and other necessary data files are found in a separate article on how to send data to the sFTP.


Required fields:

Product Feed Image - Retailer


  • Article ID
  • Manufacturer ID
  • GTIN (EAN) (If you cannot provide GTIN please contact us)
  • Brand
  • Model
  • Manufacturer Size Scale
  • Manufacturer Sizes
  • Retailed Size Scale 
  • Retailed Sizes
  • Gender
  • Category 
  • Material
  • Colour
  • Product URL
  • Image URL - main image of the shoe
  • Additional Image URLs - all additional image URLs should be included into the product feed in the JSON array format: ["url1", "url2", "url3", etc.]

    If you use CSV or XLS then: please add column with JSON array of URLs in correct format. By default, the escape character is a " (double quote) for CSV-formatted files:
    "[""url1"", ""url2"", ""url3"", etc.]"

    If you use XML then: please add XML element with JSON array of URLs: <additional_images>["url1", "url2", "url3", etc.]</additional_images>

    (Product angles must be either Three Quarter or Side-Profile)

    E.g. Third-Angleor     side

Note: Fields in bold are Mandatory


The Article ID (sometimes referred to as the Product ID, Shoe ID, etc) is the most important required field in the Product Portfolio Feed. It is the “common thread” that links a given shoe model across all data sets (Product Feeds + Purchase & Return Data) and in the JavaScripts. The Article IDs sent and used for each model must be the same ID used in the Purchase & Returns data and used in the integration of the JavaScript!

Conditions of the Article ID:

  • Unique ID for a model – not used for more than one given product
  • Unique ID for each colour variation of a model
  • Does not change based on the size of a shoe model