Shoe Shelf App

To help our algorithm learn even faster and to maximize the benefit of our service from the first day on your website, we have made available to you our Shoe Shelf App

ShoeSize.Me is not a static sizing solution - our technology works on machine learning data processes and via a self-learning algorithm that improves the recommendations it gives through every use of the Size Advisor. We understand that sometimes, having a bit of control and influence over the technology and the recommendations it is giving can be desired. Through this app you can provide additional data points to speed up the learning. This app can be used both before and after the Size Advisor is active and is meant to help speed the learning of the technology. IMPORTANT: The most important learning comes from use of the Size Advisor by your shoppers, which is why the sooner we have the Size Advisor up and running on your webshop, the better.

How does it work?

The app works by adding shoes from your brand in the sizes you wear them in and shoes and sizes from other brands your wear together into your personal Shoe Shelf. Our algorithm will pick up on these data point connections and incorporate them into the recommendations it gives. Keep in mind that if your shopper data shows that sizing behaves differently, the recommendations will change over time. The goal of the Shoe Shelf app is to help give our technology a foundation to learn upon.

How do you use it?

  1. Go to
  2. Create a profile and enter the Shop Token we provided per email
  3. Share the app and your Shop Token with as many trusted colleagues as you wish. Each person is to build their own Shoe Shelf.
  4. Each person uses the app to add as many models from your brand as possible i.e. My Brand. If your brand has different shoe categories, try and add models from each category. If your brand has male, female and unisex genders, try and have your team build shoe shelves for each gender. If your brand has models you know fit differently, add them both.
  5. Enter as many models from other brands i.e. All Brands as you can. The goal would be to have 3 models from other brands.


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