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The JavaScript: Purchase Script - Confirmation Script

The Purchase Script enables the Size Advisor algorithm to learn and enhance the recommendations it gives. The Purchase Script is a two script combination of a cart and confirmation script. Here are instructions on the Confirmation Script:

The Confirmation Script needs to be implemented on the order confirmation page that is only reachable after the payment was made.

Click here to access the Confirmation Script


Check if the following requirements are met:

  1. The confirmation script is executed after the order was paid.
  2. If you already sent an order number in the cart script, make sure to provide the same one here.
  3. You must provide the same order number in the purchase & return data feeds.

Here is how to test if it was set up correctly:

  1. Make sure you implemented the cart tracking script first
  2. Execute a test purchase
  3. On the order confirmation page, check in the browser's console if there is a call to shoesize.me/api/others/confirm containing the shop ID, order number and the sID
  4. The response should be {"success" : true}
  5. If the response is {"success": false} or the server responds with status code 500, check the set-up again


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