The JavaScript: Product Script

This script is implemented on each product page to load and display the ShoeSize.Me button on all your product pages.

Depending on which case you have implemented on your webshop you will have slightly different implementation requirements for the Product Scripts. We have identified 2 different ways the products are loaded on product pages.

CASE 1: One product available per product page

CASE 2: Multiple products available per product page

Check if the following requirements are met:

  1. Make sure the shoeID (Article ID) matches with the shoeID you provided in the Product Feed
  2. Make sure the scale is set correctly: (eu, uk, us, etc)
  3. Make sure the locale is set correctly to one of the following:
  • at
  • au
  • ca
  • ch
  • ch_formal
  • de
  • de_formal
  • en
  • es
  • fr
  • fr_informal
  • gr
  • ir
  • it


If the button is not displayed, open your browser's console and check the response of the AJAX request

Possible responses: No shoe found for the following shop XXX Check if the shoeID you provided matches the one that was provided in the portfolio file. Check if the shopID was set correctly.

The response contains "visibility_gate" and object containing "id" with the shoeID you provided and "is_visible": false. Check if you have been given a specific shoeID to start the integration with.


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