What is ShoeSize.Me's Zero Interaction Feature?

Ensuring every one of your shoppers gets the size help they need and optimizing their shopping experience is accelerated with Zero Interaction. This article explains what it is, its benefits and how to set it up.

What is Zero Interaction? 

Zero Interaction is an additional feature to the Size Advisor that enables automatic recommendations to returning shoppers based on a previously made purchase(s) they placed on your webshop. Zero Interaction instructs the Size Advisor on the previously purchased model, size and whether they kept it and uses that reference model to calculate a recommendation for the model on the product page they are on. This means that these customers will never have to go through the Size Advisor user interface again to get a recommendation. Every time they enter a new product page, their recommended size will already be displayed in the Size Advisor button. If they click and open the Size Advisor, they will automatically be taken to the recommendation page and information will be displayed telling them the size they are recommended in and that it is based on a previous purchase(s); listing them all for the shopper to see.

All they have to do is decide they love your product, add it to cart and head to checkout! 



What are the benefits of the Zero Interaction feature? 

The uplift we typically see from the implementation of this feature is orders placed in the correct size will be 2-3x higher, which translates in a higher return reduction. Additionally, we typically see the incremental net revenue double after implementation. 


How is Zero Interaction implemented? 

The Zero Interaction feature uses either a shop-cookie or their account with your webshop to recognize returning customers who have previously made purchases. Here you can find the full instructions on how to implement Zero Interaction.

If you are interested in this feature speak to your Account Manager or reach out to the ShoeSize.Me Onboarding team who will help get you started. 


Need help? Contact us at support@shoesize.me