Why does the Size Advisor ask for Gender, Age, Foot-Width and Arch-types?

How are the user inputs Gender, Age, Foot-Width and Arch-types relevant for a size recommendation?


Our Size Advisor asks for Gender in order to determine which size scale to apply when delivering a recommendation.

IMPORTANT! Even if you only sell models intended for one gender, our Size Advisor is designed to deliver perfect recommendations even if a male is seeking a female model or a female is seeking a male model.

Year of Birth

The Size Advisor asks for the Year of Birth of users because our feet change over the years and as we get older, it has been shown that our preferences around sizing and comfort change.

Foot Width and Foot Arch

Everybody's feet are unique! Foot-width and Arch-Type can have a considerable impact on which size a user will be most comfortable wearing!

IMPORTANT! Some Brand and Retailers sell models that are available not only in different sizes but in various widths as well. In these cases, asking the width helps our Size Advisor determine which size and width to recommend.


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