Why is the Size Advisor is not shown on some products?

On occasion and in some instances, you may notice that your Size Advisor is not appearing on some product pages. Below are a couple of the reasons behind why this might happen.

  • The Product Feed we are receiving may be incomplete or not up to date. Please always make sure you are sending us an updated product feed that contains all models you wish to have Size Advisor service available on. If the models are missing from the Product Feed, we will not have them in our database and the Size Advisor will not show.
  • After all models in the Product Feed are imported, please keep in mind that it can take 3-4 working days for the Size Advisor to appear. This is due to some necessary internal importing and data processes on our end. 
  • It may be that the JavaScript are not passing the correct Article ID for the product. Please double check that the Article ID that is being passed by the Product Script is the same Article ID for that model as found in the Product Feed.

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