Why should you remove any additional size help information, guides or tables?

The ShoeSize.Me data-backed Size Advisor should be the only size help made available to your shoppers!

It is counterproductive to show multiple sources of size help on the same product page and can cause a lot of confusion and frustration for your shoppers.

Multiple sources of size help not only can cause confusion for first time shoppers if they are suggested contradicting size advice but can also damage the confidence of returning customers; those who are confident with their size and who are likely to purchase without any need for further size advice i.e. conversion killer!

Our Size Advisor algorithm improves the recommendations it gives through a number of methods. A primary method and feature of our Size Advisor is that it learns with each and every recommendation it gives. The more recommendations we give, the faster it will learn! This is why we want any shopper in need of size advice to be directed to our Size Advisor. If they are diverted elsewhere, the Size Advisor learning speed will be slowed and or limited.

What examples of additional size support should be removed?

  • Suggested messaging such as, "We recommend purchasing a size lower than your usual size" or
    "our sizing is runs big/small"
  • Any Step-by-step guidance on how to measure your own foot size.
  • Any size help material that is to be printed and used to measure your foot any material to print.

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